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You Are Who God Says You Are

1 Sam 26:8-11 David refused to betray his identity by refusing to kill Saul.  He knew who he was; his true identity and he trusted God's timing with the fulfillment of his calling.  David resisted the short-cuts that presented themselves in his life and he stood firm on his identity, his calling, and his anointing!   Knowing your identity will keep you from rushing God's plans, and frustrating God's plans for you!  Knowing your identity in Christ will allow you to face the challenges in your life; enable you to walk in the authority of God in your life.  You are NOT who others say you are........You are who GOD says you are!! And you can do what God says you can do!  You can achieve what God says you can achieve!  Knowing your identity in  Christ will cause you to refuse someone else's armor; weapons or anointing.  Knowing your identity in Christ will cause you to be at PEACE knowing that God's timing and His plans are better than your timing and your plans.  Take time in prayer today to listen and follow God's plan for you to live victoriously!  His timing and His plans are perfect.  

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