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The Wall

Num 13:33 Israel had to face the wall. There was an obstacle between the Promise and the fulfillment of the Promise! Something stood in the way. The land is good......just like God promised, but the cities are fortified! The walls of Jericho and faithlessness stood between Israel and the Land of the Promise. Read Exod 3:8 and Exod 6:6. God had made a Promise!! But now the people encountered an obstacle! And they failed to trust God....they believed their circumstances and they failed to believe God! Read Num 14:4. God needed to teach the people to trust Him; to know Who He was; who they were to God had them face the obstacle......and they doubted!! Take time in prayer today and seek His heart. He will never lead you astray. No matter what you face today, seek God first and He will direct your path.

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