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Step of Faith

Matt 14:24-30 Taking the first step of FAITH requires that first, we KNOW Jesus; second that we TRUST Jesus fearlessly; and third that we dare to take the first STEP OF FAITH! The storms of life come in many different forms but regardless of the storm; or the size or intensity of the storm......we CAN take the first STEP OF FAITH.....we CAN get out of the boat. Trusting God we can know these truths......God has not changed, what He did yesterday, he can do today; God does not leave us nor forsake us; NOTHING is impossible for God; and every promise of God, in Christ Jesus, is YES and AMEN. We can call upon the Name of the Lord and we know that He inclines His ear to hear our prayers. When we step out of the boat......we experience the PROVISION of God; the POWER of God; the GRACE and FAVOR of God; the BLESSINGS of God; and we experience the true and complete JOY OF THE LORD! Take time in prayer today and just seek the Lord. As you search your heart and ask yourself, "NOW WHAT?" Just take that first step of FAITH and step out of the boat!

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