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Luke 17:12-14   We have never been here before.......a World-wide pandemic; an invisible enemy killing thousands; countries on the verge of financial ruin; people asking "Why?"  Why did this happen, why me, why now? And people are asking "How?" How are we going to make it?; how is my business going to survive?; how will my children be educated? Prophets and Pseudo-Prophets are all trying to "guess" what is happening.  Is God telling His people, it's a call to repent?; a world-wide judgment?; or is it end-time prophecy being fulfilled?  "What is going on?"  Maybe God has allowed this time as a time for us to reflect: Who we really are; Where we are and Where we ought to be.   Take time in prayer today and seek His heart in all of this.  As we seek Him, we WILL find Him.  Take this time to look at yourself; your walk and your desires.  Ask yourself, am I who I want to be? And am I where I want to be in my relationship with God.  Allow the Lord to speak to your heart and speak to you.

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