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Renew Your Mind

Psalm 51 The renewing of our minds starts by believing the Word of all starts by FAITH!! FAITH is the foundation upon which the wall that separates your past from your future is built! Thank God that you don't get to transform your life all on your own. "Do It Yourself," does not apply to living the new life and new purpose God has prepared for you to walk in! King David discovered what he needed to do in order to turn his life around. Right after committing adultery with Bathsheba and having her husband killed, David hit "rock bottom!" He knew God had a new life for him to live. He knew God had separated him and called him to greatness. He knew his past would rob him of his God-Given Identity and Purpose. So he willed himself to remove the old man and he put on the new man created according to God in true Righteousness and Holiness......he surrendered to the Truth of God's mercy and loving-kindness! Read Psalm 51:1-4 and Psalm 51:10-12. Take time in prayer today and just seek the Lord. Surrender your old ways and ask Him to fill you fresh and anew with His Righteousness and Holiness.

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