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Peace on Earth

Luke 19:41-44  As Jesus entered the city, He wept openly.  The people cheered and sang, "Peace in Heaven and Glory in the Highest!" However, Jesus came to bring Peace on Earth! "Peace on Earth and good will among men."  Not because He knew what would happen during Passover, just a few days away;  not because He knew the brutal, excruciating death that awaited Him and not because His friends would desert Him....Jesus wept because He foresaw the fulfillment of the prophecy He was just declaring over Jerusalem.  (Read Luke 19:43-44)  In 70 AD, (Luke 21:20-24) the Romans under Titus besieged Jerusalem and destroyed it and  killed all of its inhabitants.  Jesus also wept because of the Spiritual destruction coming upon Israel.  (Read Luke 19:42).  Jesus wept because Israel would soon reject God's gift of eternal peace and salvation; Israel would, within days, reject the Son of God, God incarnate, Immanuel!  Israel would soon reject the Word of God!  Read Zechariah 9:9; 2 Sam 7:16; Micah 5:1-2; Isaiah 9:6-7; Isaiah 7:14.  Jesus also wept because the people would reject the God who chose them.....the God who loved them and separated them to receive His blessings among all the nations of the earth! (Deut 7:6-10)  Take time in prayer today and quiet your heart before Him.  Seek Him with all of your heart and thank Him for all that He has already done!! He alone is worthy of all our praise!

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