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Living Our Identity in Christ

John 16:13  Living our true identity in Christ must be a decision we will not be automatic!  We must purpose in our hearts to never return to our old identity.  Living our identity in Christ is an act of our will!  We must know our identity; who God has caused us to be in Christ, and live according to that reality.  Here's the good news: God did not leave us orphans.  God gave us the Holy Spirit.  Daniel and his friends refused to live life as Babylonians.....they lived according to their true identities and saw the Glory of God!  When we look at King David's life, we see the turning point in his life was not when he was anointed king; when he defeated Goliath; or when he was finally crowned as King of Israel........NO, NO, NO......twice in his life David resisted short-cuts and he willed himself to live according to who he knew himself to be in the eyes of God.  David refused to give up his true identity in God.  Read 1 Sam 17:37-39.  David refused to battle with weapons that were not his because the armor was the identity of Saul, (a coat of armor.)  We can not defeat our enemies with weapons that belong to someone else....with someone else's identity and anointing.  God has given us ALL we need to be victorious!!  Take time in prayer today and seek God's heart.  Listen and obey what He is calling you to do. He has given you a true identity to go and do great and mighty things IN JESUS NAME!! Spend time in worship and glorify Him!

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