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Lead By Example

James 1:22  Fathers you are to do......lead by example."But be doers of the Word, and not just hearers only, deceiving yourselves."Fathers, you are to never give up on your children.  Read Luke 15:22-24.  Be quick to forgive and to restore!  Next, Fathers, you are to pray for your children.  Read 1 Chron 29:19.  Let your children see you on your knees before God!  Let them learn early in life that kneeling before God will allow him/her to stand up against anything and everything! So remember Fathers, you are your child's first teacher; their first example of Godly living; you are to provide for your family; you are to disciple and discipline your children; spend quality time with them; be compassionate and restore your children; you are to do....and lead by example; never give up on your children and be quick to forgive and restore and you are to pray for your children.  Take time in prayer today and just thank God for all that He imparts to you to be a Godly man and father.  Ask the Lord to continue to teach you through His Word.

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