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Jesus Wept for the Lost

Luke 19:40-44 Jesus also wept when He entered the city because He knew that in a few days Israel would choose to CRUCIFY Him as a sinner and reject Him as their Messiah!  Jesus wept at His own parade....not because He was emotional; not because He would fail in His mission; not because He felt sorry for Himself or was scared......NO, Jesus wept for the LOST, who would be eternally separated from God because of their sin! He wept for the LOST who heard the message to repent and refused to repent.  He wept for those who would be eternally separated from God because of their unbelief!  Their "Hosanna" was for God to save them from Rome......but their "Hosannas" should have been for God to save them from themselves......Their own sinful selves!!  Take time in prayer today and now that we have plenty of time in isolation, spend time in His presence.  Allow His heart to be revealed to you fresh and anew.  Call upon Him and He will draw you near!

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