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Jesus Asleep in the Middle of the Storm

Mark 4:38-40 Every time the world is hit by a storm or is shaken by an event, or a crisis, I am reminded of the storm we read in Matthew 4:38-40. Jesus asleep in the middle of a storm. The disciples asked Him, "Do you not care?" The storm blinded the followers of Jesus! They simply stopped seeing the truth, while being distracted by the storm before them. They had seen Jesus heal the sick; bring the dead back to life and set the captives free. Read Mark 3:10-11. However, when the storm arose. they doubted to the point of believing Jesus didn't care. Take time in prayer today and let your heart be at rest! Nothing takes the Lord by surprise and He is still in control. His Word says to cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you!

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