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He Will Never Leave Us

Acts 27 is a fascinating read!  It reads like a movie......but it's also a testament to how God is always there for us......EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORMS of life!  In fact, it is in the storms of life where we can see God manifest His love and care for us more than at any other time!  God truly NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leaves us!  I am convinced that sometimes God allows storms to come our way, so we can witness the care; provision; protection, and the Glory of God in our lives!  When we navigate life in the favor of God, we tend to forget where our blessings come from and it is good for us to NEVER forget that it was the Grace and Favor of God, that caused the times of goodness and prosperity to come our way!  Take time in prayer today to just stop and thank God for His hand of protection, provision; compassion over us each and every day.  Thank God that no matter what, He will NEVER LEAVE US! 

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