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Acts 27:22-25  In the storm, God will show Himself Mighty!  You never know that God is ALL YOU NEED until God is ALL you have!  And when God is all you have, GET READY!!  Read Acts 27:22-25, God waited until all their efforts had stopped.  As long as you insist on doing things your way, don't expect God to show up!  Surrender means letting God take control of your situation.  When they lost all hope, God stepped  in and said, "I've got this!"  Gideon had to do it God's way before he experienced victory!  He went from 32,000 men to just 300 men!!  Paul summarizes this whole chapter in one sentence in verse 25, "therefore take heart, men, for I believe God that it will be just as it was told me...."  Paul said I believe God!  I believe God!!  So, in this storm or pandemic, say I believe God WILL show Himself Mighty!  Take time in prayer today and thank God that even in the storm, GOD IS THERE!  He will NEVER leave you and He will give you wisdom and guidance to go through the storm to VICTORY!!

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