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God is All We Need

Rom 8:28  Storms will come.....but when they do, remember, God will put people in our path to care for us; provide for us, and protect us from the effects of the storms.  God will give us warnings BEFORE the storms come!  And God will USE the storms!  Beloved, there needs to come a point in our lives when we embrace what God is doing EVEN WHEN it makes no sense...EVEN if it comes in the form of a STORM.....OR PANDEMIC!!  All means ALL.....All things work together for GOOD!  Read Acts 27:18-19.  And so the storm came!  God uses storms to help us get rid of "stuff" that is hindering our walk or hurting us!  He will get rid of people; traditions; customs; and habits!  God will use storms in our lives to cause us to remove people or things; habits or traditions that constitute an obstacle to what God wants to be accomplished in us and through us!  Usually, God wants us to get to the point where we realize GOD IS ALL WE NEED!  Read Acts 27:20  Take time in prayer today and just thank God for His loving care and protection for you.  He truly is ALL that you need!

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