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God Equips the Called

1 Samuel 16:10-12 During this pandemic, you and I have a choice.....we can sit at home and do nothing and blame the virus for everything OR we can rise up and let our lights so shine that all will see our GOOD WORKS and glorify our Father in Heaven! God's purpose for our lives will, most likely, not make sense...But if you, like Isaiah, say, "Here I am Lord, send me!" The GOOD WORKS of God will be revealed through you! Forgetting the "Who me? Syndrome," or the "#8 Syndrome," remember that God does not call the equipped.....GOD EQUIPS THE ONES HE CALLS! Take time in prayer today and thank God that He has chosen you to do His GOOD WORKS, with a PLAN and a PURPOSE for your life. Let your heart be filled with praise and thanksgiving for all that He will do!

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