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Faith Sees What Doubt Cannot See

Joshua 6:2 The Walls of Jericho are not only structural but also Spiritual! Remember, God is more interested in developing our character, than in developing our comfort. Israel had 2 questions to answer: Were they going to believe God for their blessing? Or, Were they going to believe their circumstances for their blessing? They looked at their circumstances and chose to believe their circumstances, instead of God!! 40 years later, they faced the same obstacle!! The cities were still fortified! The inhabitants were still stronger than they! They were still like grasshoppers! BUT THIS TIME, THEY BELIEVED GOD!! FAITH SEES WHAT DOUBT CANNOT SEE! God wanted them to SEE the fulfillment of the Promise! The Walls of Jericho still stood in the way.....BUT FAITH overcame doubt!! Take time in prayer today and ask God for His wisdom. Allow Him to fill you with His wisdom to lead you in your walk of victory today!

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