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Do More Than Warm a Pew

In life, we meet people from all walks of life.  If we are really, really wise, we'll learn from all those who God puts in our path.  One of the saddest experiences for me is to meet someone with unfulfilled potential or someone who is a professional student.  Someone who is always learning but never applying; someone who was given all the tools but never used those tools!  Beloved, diplomas; certificates; resources are all great.....but they mean nothing unless they are put to use in a productive way!  Someone who knows Scripture inside out; who talks a lot; has an opinion about everything in church......BUT who has nothing to disciples; no salvations; no ministry developments. Their call to fame.....a warm pew!!  Take time in prayer today and ask the Lord to stir your heart to be the disciple and a true follower of Christ He has called you to be!  Don't just sit thinking about it, but get up and GO and do all He has called you to do!

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