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Before the Storm Arrives

Acts 27:1-3  When storms come, the Grace of God is always present!  Beloved, in the middle of the storms of life, God will put people around you to help you; to minister to you; to show you the love of God!  God is ALWAYS with us.....especially when storms come our way.  We are not meant to go into a cocoon, that is where Satan wants us!  Paul had Luke, a doctor; he had his friends and he had God's favor that caused, even a Roman Centurion, to care for him.  When storms come......REST!  God will cause people to care and provide for you.  God reaffirms over and over: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  When storms come, God gives us a warning BEFORE the storms arrive!  Read Acts 27:7-10.  Before storms come, God gives us warnings; He puts us on notice; He uses people and circumstances to warn us of impending storms.....WE MUST PAY ATTENTION to the signs; warnings; and advice God causes to come our way!  Take time in prayer today and thank God for His love and compassion for us.  He is with us at ALL times especially when we go through the storms of life!

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