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A Godly Mother

Matt 27:55 Godly Moms and Godly women watch over those they love!! They invested themselves in who Jesus was and what Jesus did and they passed the PASSION for ministry to their children and other family members. We celebrate the Mothers and Grandmothers of the Church. In many ways, they are the torch-bearers of the church. They light the way for others to walk! All Godly women need to know that your greatest legacy is your FAITH; your LOVE and your MINISTRY to the Lord Jesus Christ! Read 2 Tim 1:5. Godly Moms and Godly Women follow Jesus! Nothing is more important than your SPIRITUAL LEGACY! Godly Moms and Godly Women care for the needs of those they love! Read Matt 27:55. Moms give & give & give & give! Many times without reward or recognition! When you look in the dictionary for the word, "Sacrifice," you will see the picture of a MOM! Take time in prayer today and spend time thanking God for your Mom. God has blessed you in every way by giving you a Godly Mom.

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