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#8 Syndrome

1 Corin 1:26-29 When the enemy whispers in your ear, "you're not able; you're no good; or your past disqualifies you," you say to him, "I know, but the God who abides in me is GOOD and He is ABLE!" "I am who God says I am, and by His grace, I can do what He says I can do!" The "#8 Syndrome," is the condition where others have caused you to be invisible; labeled irrelevant; forgotten, or inconsequential. This is what happened to David......invisible 8th son of Jesse; hidden gem, easily overlooked by his own family. Read 1 Sam 16:10-12. David was overlooked; forgotten; ignored by others.....BUT NOT BY GOD!! His father; brothers and others just saw David's condition.....a shepherd boy - BUT GOD saw his PURPOSE.....King of Israel; Giant Slayer; Mighty Warrior; A Man after God's own heart. Take time in prayer today and spend quiet time with the Lord. Let Him speak to your heart and tell you who you are in His eyes! You have been called and chosen for a GOOD WORK and a PURPOSE designed by GOD! Now, thank God for all He has given you!

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