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4 Characteristics of Godly Women

John 4 Jesus involved women in ministry, often leaving even His disciples perplexed and confused, this was even shocking at that time. Read about the Samaritan woman at the well, John 4; the woman caught in adultery, John 8; the widow of Nain, Luke 7:12-13; the woman with the issue of blood, Mark 5; and the Gentile woman, Matt 15. They ALL received Grace; Compassion; and Respect from Jesus Christ. It was a woman who launched His earthly ministry. It was a woman who ministered to Him in the tomb. It was a woman who first saw the Resurrected Jesus! So......if Jesus honors you; respects you and holds you in high esteem.....then so do we! Women are the guardians of this world! Read Matt 27:55-56. This passage identifies 4 amazing characteristics of Godly Women. They were there to care; support; protect and provide for Jesus' ministry. Godly Moms and Godly women are there when you need them! Read Matt 27:55. The Gospels show us several women accompanied Jesus throughout His ministry. Read Luke 8:1-3. In verse 3, they provided out of their own means. They supported Jesus financially. Not only are Godly women "there" when you need them, but they are there even when we don't know it! Take time in prayer and just thank God for your Mom and for all the Godly women in your life. Pray blessings upon them, giving God thanks and praise!

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