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Matt 14:26-29 Our trust in Jesus is revealed by our fearlessness. Storms, Giants, Illness, Unemployment, Viruses may come.....but our trust will be on the ONE for Whom NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Remember, first we need to KNOW Jesus; second we need to TRUST Jesus. Third, we need to step out of the boat!! Peter like the others feared......they thought they were seeing a ghost! But when Jesus identified Himself, Peter TRUSTED! But knowing and trusting Jesus is not ALL there is. Our trust in Him leads us to step out of the boat. Jesus came, "to preach the Gospel.....heal the brokenhearted....proclaim liberty to the captives....recover sight to the blind....set at liberty those who were oppressed, break the chains of fear; addiction and depression. (Luke 4:18) Jesus came to cause us to walk on the lay hands on the sick and see them healed and to cast out demons by His Name! But we must take the first step and get out of our comfort zone! Take time in prayer today and thank God for sending Jesus. Because He first loved us, we can be reconciled to our Heavenly Father and walk in the power and anointing of Jesus Christ being glorified in our lives! Spend time to just praise and worship Him!

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