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10 Lepers

Luke 17:12-14  Between Samaria and Galilee, Jesus was met by 10 lepers, who wouldn't dare to get close to Jesus, (the original social distancing) "As they went, they were cleansed." Faith causes us to trust that God will do what He needs to do as we go!  But wait, something happened!!  ONE!  ONE out of TEN........RETURNED!!!! The 9 Jews considered they deserved the healing, they were children of Abraham.  But this foreigner knew he didn't deserve the miracle....he was a foreigner!  Read Luke 17:15-19  Jesus said he was a foreigner.  This foreigner who returned realizes: Jesus did something for him no one could or would do!  Jesus did a miraculous work in his life!  Jesus is the one who cared when no one else cared! Jesus is the one who loved when no one else loved him! Jesus is the ONE who brings Healing; Peace; Restoration; Deliverance and He is the only ONE who sets us free!  Take time in prayer today and just thank God! Thank Him for all the blessings He has given already.  During these trying times, we tend to focus on what we are missing; or what we don't have right now.  He is our Provider and He sets us at Peace knowing that He knows our every need and He comforts us in every trial and circumstance.  Thank God and give Him praise!

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