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On October 31, while many Christians celebrated the dead and wished other, “Happy Halloween,” others celebrated the Birth of the Protestant Church!  On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther, a Catholic Priest, nailed a Document on the doors of the Chapel of the Castle of Wittenburg, known as the “95 Theses.”  Luther’s position against what he perceived were abuses by the Catholic Church became the foundation of the Protestant Church.  Reform is good, but God is really aiming at something else for our lives.  Reform must lead to something greater!  There are 3 steps of Christianity: Reform; Revive; and Renew!  When we first come to accept the Lord and He enters our hearts, there is REFORMATION.  We have discovered salvation; we learned there IS a book that we ought to be reading and meditating daily; we have found a church that we attend; and we may even sing a little……BUT “please don’t ask me to participate,” continues to be the attitude.  Be careful, we can get stuck in this stage and we will never experience all that God has intended for us.  We must study to know His Word, then live it out every day.  Yes, Reform is good, but God wants us to keep growing and to go deeper.  Take time in prayer today, put aside all distractions and listen to the heart of God.  He will lead you and guide you in the way you should go.  Thank Him for His goodness and mercy!  Revival is the next step in our search for a deeper relationship with the Lord.  We are in REVIVAL when we have caught some speed….and we now like coming to church; we develop enough passion for the Lord and that passion leads us to share our testimony;  we get up early and give God the first fruit of our day;  we can pray……AND; we like to pray for others.  We are now satisfied that we have a “Fire Insurance” that covers us from the fire of hell!  BUT that is still not all that God wants for our lives!  Reform is good and Revival is better……but God wants even more for us, He wants RENEWAL!  It is good for Christians to Reform and Reshape; good to work out our thoughts and opinions and our programs.  It is good to discover REVIVAL….that’s exciting BUT that is still not enough!  When we look to serve God by serving others; we look to be IN the presence of God and we “get” to go to church…..we experience REVIVAL!  But the ultimate purpose of Christ for our lives is RENEWAL!!! Take time in prayer just to thank God for His love and compassion!